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7 Day Detox Miracle

Rejuvenate your Body - From the Inside Out Many people suffer from chronic health problems due to low grade “poisoning” of their metabolism caused by stress, environmental toxins, medications and faulty diets. Dr. Peter Bennett and Dr. Stephanie Trenciansky ND offer a tried and true method of freeing yourself from chronic aches and pains and feeling healthier and more energetic. It’s called detoxification – a process that stimulates your body’s natural ability to cleanse itself.

Detoxification is like an oil change for your car. It cleans and improves the filtering of your internal fluids in a way that prevents your body’s engine from breaking down and produces immediate benefits in fighting existing disease.

Results Of Detoxification

The results of the Meditrine 7 Day Detox Program are dramatic:

  • feel younger
  • look younger
  • have more energy
  • lose weight
  • heal chronic health problems
  • sharpen the mind, have better concentration, mental clarity and focus
  • calmness and sense of ease
  • increased “wellbeing”
  • a reduction of allergic symptoms
  • improvement of digestive functions
  • increased resistance to illness
  • increased confidence of taking personal responsibility for one’s health
  • reduced risk for many chronic diseases

All this can be accomplished with the one treatment program. Immune diseases, cancer, arthritis, digestive disorders and cardiovascular diseases have all been shown to respond to this therapy. Staying healthy and young is a result of one’s mastery over enhancing the body’s detoxification biochemistry. Healthy cellular detoxification protects the nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system and detoxification system. Detoxification is really the biochemical mechanism whereby many methods used in natural medicine provide such dramatic results in turning around chronic degenerative disease.

By modifying the inherited gene expression through changing our diet, lifestyle and taking certain nutritional supplements, it is possible to enhance our adaptability. This is especially important in our lifetime because of the severe environmental stress that is placed on our immune and detoxification systems in the body.

The detoxification program is an approach to health care where you open up the avenues of elimination to help the body dump stored environmental toxins. This includes heavy metals, organic solvents, pesticides and abnormal intestinal bacteria. based on balancing your individual genetic strengths with the environment we live in. After years of rigorous research, this program has been developed using the most advanced laboratory and therapeutic methods available.


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