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Become A Patient

The doctors and staff at our clinic would like to welcome you to become a patient under our care. To help make things easy for you we are giving you a quick list of details so that you can easily decide if our clinic is the place for you.

First, the doctors will begin with a first office call, after that visit there is usually a follow-up visit with testing and another visit with the doctor to review the results. This plan may change, depending on you problem. For instance if you have a musculoskeletal problem, te doctor may schedule four visits for myofasical release therapy.


Meditrine Naturopathic Medical Clinic fees are as follows for all the clinic doctors:

First Office Visit (30-45 mins.) $110.00
Return Office Visit (15-30 mins.) $75.00
Brief Office Visit (10-15 mins.) $42.00
Extended Office Visit (45-60 mins.) $145.00
Acupuncture (30 mins.) $75.00
Physical & Pap (30-45 mins.) $112.00
Initial Food Allergy Test (Vega) $110.00
Food Allergy Retest (Vega) $50.00
Blood Typing $15.00

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Debit and Cash. We do not accept cheques. 

There’s a full charge fee for missed doctor visits or diagnostic visits. This policy is to protect patients who are on a waiting list helping to bring awareness that for those rescheduled/cancelled with less than 24 hours notice & an additional fee of $15 for any missed allergy test/retest. Please remember, with less than 24 hours notice, it’s difficult for others to come and fill your vacant appointment time.

Fees for office visits, laboratory services and medicine items are due at the time of service.

Most extended medical plans provide coverage for visits, lab and food allergy tests; please learn the details of your specific plan. Please save your receipts for this extended coverage, as we will not be able to issue another receipt. A $10.00 charge will apply for extended reports.

Custom made or special order medicines are to be paid for before they are ordered or made. There are also no rebates on quantity of medicine items ordered.

Any natural hormone alternatives, that you may be prescribed, are refillable only under doctor authorization; otherwise a follow-up visit is required. This is a mandatory clinic policy.

Please be aware that at times prices for medicines may decrease, increase or stay the same. This reflects exact current pricing that we are charged by our suppliers and US exchange rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the specialty care of Meditrine Clinic?
The clinic doctors treat all conditions and problems but the primary focus is family health care. As an example, although Dr. Bennett is an expert in detoxification therapy, and Dr. Treciansky is an expert in Women’s Health, their expertise is not limited to these areas. If you have questions about your health problem and are not sure if the clinic doctors can treat you, phone the clinic and talk to the front desk staff. They are highly trained to address all of your medical questions.

What Is The Usual Process For New Patients Entering The Clinic?
If you want to come in as a patient, simply phone and ask for the next available appointment. Referrals are not required. Download a “General Intake Form” or “Pediatric Intake Form”, fill it out and if possible fax/scan it ahead before your appointment. Otherwise, bring the intake form to your first appointment. When you come to your visit, bring all recent lab reports and specialist reports so that the doctors can examine the diagnostic process that has been followed up to the point of your care at Meditrine Clinic. Make sure you know exactly how to get to the clinic. Arrive early for your appointment to allow for traffic delays and lineups at the parking meter at our office building.

Once You Are A Patient What Is Our Job?
The clinic doctors and staff are here to work for the benefit of your optimal health. The staff manage all incoming calls, schedule appointments, dispense medicine and bill you for all goods and services provided. They also collect lab samples and handle any inquiries related to your care as a patient. The Meditrine Clinic doctors detail all of your medical information, perform physical examinations, examine lab reports, performs therapeutic procedures and supervises your personalized care at the clinic.

Once You Are A Patient What Is Your Job?
Arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment so that we can serve you on time. It takes at least 15 minutes to fill out the paper work. If you have a time deadline, let the front desk know as soon as you arrive. Please follow therapeutic recommendations. Special lab tests, dietary programs, nutritional supplements and therapy sessions have been carefully crafted for your individual needs.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?
The office requires a minimum of 24 hours notice for the cancellation of an appointment. Any missed appointments or rescheduled appointments, with insufficient notice, will result in a missed appointment fee of your full office fee that was scheduled.

What Do I Need To Know About Payment And Billing?
Payment for services are due on the day of your appointment. Payment by cash, credit card, debit card, and check are accepted.

What Do I Need To Know About The Dispensary?

Please follow all instructions this will make your results more effective. All dispensary items are to be paid for at the time of dispensing. Any custom made formulations are paid before hand and are not reimbursable, unless authorized by the doctor. Re-ordering of dispensary items is best done by phoning ahead, one week is recommended. This allows the staff to prepare all your items. If you live a long distance away, pharmacy items may be mailed out to you, just notify the staff and they will provide this service to you.

What do I need to know about Medical Services Plan (MSP)* Of British Columbia?
Unfortunately, Medical Services Plan of British Columbia no longer will reimburse you for naturopathic visits. This was enacted December 31, 2000 by the BC Liberal government under Gordon Campbell. (*for BC residents only)

What do I need to know about third party reimbursement?
The doctor’s billing will be to you and reimbursement is done by your extended medical insurance. You must process all of your insurance coverage refunds. We accept no liability for your refund acceptance.

What Do I Need To Know About Letters, Reports, Records and Income Tax Receipts?
It is your responsibility to keep all of the receipts that are offered to you at each visit. Any time that one of the clinic doctors might spend preparing a report or document is billed at $100.00/hour for his time.

Click Here To Download Our New Patient Intake Form

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