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The staff at Meditrine are here to help patients with all the medications recommended to them by the clinic doctors. We have an extensive supply of pharmaceutical grade herbal tinctures, homeopathic medicines, minerals, phenolic extracts, supplements, and protein powders.

Mail & Email Service
Dispensary staff have found that many patients are extremely busy and cannot afford the time to come and get their medicinal items refilled. In response, we now offer a dependable, inexpensive and fast mail service. Call us at (604)534.5756 for more information or email us at meditirineclinic@mac.com

Featured Products

Meditrine Mega Multi

This is a High potency multivitamin and only two caps per day is required! Dr. Trenciansky formulated this supplement specifically for all her patients. The benefits of it are: 1000 MCG of folic acid, 1000 MCG of B12, 1000 iu of vitamin D, 100 MG of all the other B vitamins. As well, it includes 10,000 iu of vitamin A, 200 mg of vitamin C, 100 iu of vitamin E, and all the minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, chromium, selenuium, zinc, copper and manganese). This is a MegaMulti that helps to prevent chronic degenerative diseases, increases energy and prevents vitamin/mineral deficiencies. The best news is the price- less than sixty cents a day. Each bottle provides a 2 month supply.

Cal-6 + Mg

A superior chelate complex of 6 sources of calcium, including hydroxy apatite, with magnesium and other ingredients to assist the body in maintaining healthy bone structure. Vitamin D is a key regulatory hormone for calcium and bone metabolism. Boron affects the composition, structure, and strength of bone. Glutamic acid, lysine and Vitamin C optimize calcium absorption.

It is generally accepted that obtaining enough calcium throughout life can significantly decrease the risk of developing osteoporosis. Calcium supplementation during childhood and adolescence appears to be a prerequisite for maintaining adequate bone density later in life.

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